Rat Extermination

Rats are a social creature and live mostly where humans inhabit. They are mostly hazardous to human health. They carry many bacteria and viruses which can cause infections in human beings. Rats like warmer climates to hibernate and a house is a suitable one. Rats cannot survive more than 4 days without food and if they have found food and shelter at your home then it is a good deal for them.

Reasons of infestation

Rats are always in the search of food and shelter, the main reason for their infestation is the poor sanitation. If your house is poorly sanitized, it is a possibility that many of these kinds of rodents will make it their bastion. Their olfactory abilities are pretty high, they can smell stinky odors that welcome them into your house. Moreover, if your house is sanitized but a bit of food and garbage just lay there, it will also attract them. Particularly in winters, there are more chances of a rat infestation because of the cold.

Calling a professional

It is a smarter and easy way to ferret rats out. They are professionals and know how to deal with these types of problems. It may seem that rat removal is easy but it cannot be your piece of cake. Exterminators know what to do in these types of situations. They can remove and sanitize your house and further they can also help you to deal with this situation. 


Poor sanitation is the main cause of rat infestation. Exterminators inspect if they are rats at your property, then they sanitize your house and search for the nests of these rodents. After removing rats they clean your house from the bacterial and viral issues. They use special types of cleaners which can cost a high amount of money.

Removing their habitat

Rats are resourceful,they find their own way to find food and if there is no food they would instantly forage to some other place. They are more suitable when they find shelter and food in the same area, but exterminators remove their habitat quite fast.

Repairing the damage

Exterminators often fill holes and gaps from where rats come and leave your house. Rats, sometimes, even chew through wood, steel and even concrete. So these types of damages are repaired by exterminators.

Average cost 

Extermination is the long term solution to remove rats from your property but it can cost you an arm and a leg. Many pest control companies cost you around $100 to $500. Plus there are more services that can reduce or double up the cost. In severe cases, exterminators use high-quality traps and place them all over your house if you have a massive rat problem. 


To call a professional in this situation is much more suitable as they know how to handle and take care of every minor detail. They can ferret out rats more quickly and sanitize your house. They also prevent future infestation and also guide you to deal with these types of situations. 

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